Taking the keys off of your laptop is sometimes necessary to clean the keyboard or repair a broken key. It's extremely easy, and should take only a few seconds.

The Process
Step 1 Figure out which keys you need to remove. If it is all of the keys, then work your way out from the center. Shut down your computer before beginning.

Step 2 Press down on the key to the left of the one you want to remove.

Step 3 Wedge the long end of the cap underneath the key you want to remove. Don't force it. Just stick it in enough so that if you pry upwards, the cap meets resistance from the key.

Step 4 Pry the key off. It may go flying, so make sure you're somewhere where it can easily be found. Be careful around the exposed underside of the key. This is the button that activates the key command, and damaging it could result in a broken key.

Step 5 Repeat this process until you have all the keys off that you need. To put them back on, just place them where they go and press down until they snap back into place.

Tips & Warnings
This is an easy task, but don't get lazy. Work carefully, because you could damage your keyboard.