After the hot selling of the 1st generation of TaoTronics 2-in-1 LED bulb, we bring you an amazing upgraded product: TaoTronics Remote Controlled LED Bulb.

The LED light is widely used nowadays since it’s energy-saving and durable. I am putting the points on the new features of this bulb here.


Remote controlled

With a small remote control, you can turn on or turn off the light in the room regardless of the original switch. Just set the TaoTronics remote LED bulb on AC mode. You can make the magic come true.


Auto light up in case of electricity blackout

This bulb can identify the electric status and will light automatically in case of electricity blackout. It will help a lot and protect you from the sudden darkness.

Multiple functions- remote bulb & flashlight

Apart from being a domestic remote bulb, this product is also a flashlight / electric torch. As a flashlight, it is light and has up to 6 hours of low heat LED flashlight usage.


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